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How To Become A chef

The Professional Kitchen In Action

So you are thinking of taking up a career as a chef then you have come to the right place. Many people show an interest in this rewarding career and want to know more about the ins and outs and exactly 'How to become a chef'. Well look no further because we qre here to show you how!

First though lets take a look at the professional kitchen in action. This is behind the scenes action from an exceptional kitchen. Watch how the chefs move and interact with each other with one goal! Getting the best food at precise times served to the guests.

Watch this team... And consider: Could i be a part of this fast paced and creative career?

The answer is Yes you can, but first get to know a bit more about the career to take full advantage and get  your career moving fast.

The Professional Kitchen

Get to know the professional kitchen. Working in a pro kitchen needs a range of skills all to come togeather. A chef is going to need to develop great cooking skills through out ther careers. Watch these chefs in action during a busy service in a top restaurant. The precise way the chefs work together as a team can be seen. To become a chef  there are a number of skills that need to be learnt and every day there will be something new to pick up on.

How To Become A chef – The Plating Of Dishes

The Plating Of Dishes is an essential skill that all chef’s will need to master at all levels. A commis chef will be plating salads or sides, with the senior chefs taking the precise plating of the main dishes. A chef plating their food is like an artist painting a picture. A certain amount of creativity is needed and a steady hand even when the pressure is o during a busy service.

So how do i become a chef?  

The truth is, its not going to be a smooth ride to begin with. You will need perserverance and patience to be as efficient as these chefs are working. Once you fit in with the team and you are going through a busy high quality service. It can be very rewarding being a part of the final result a perfectly cooked and plated dish that anybody will be proud of.

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